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Quantum technologies

Dieter Meschede's research group
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A 2D Discrete Quantum Simulator Machine

Pre-cooled single Cs atoms will be trapped in a two-dimensional state-dependent lattice in front of a custom designed high numerical aperture objective for fluorescence imaging. The atoms are illuminated and cooled by laser beams with a frequency of the D2 line co-planar to the lattice and a frequency of the D1 line perpendicular to it to strongly suppress stray light. The atomic position at the beginning and end of each measurement will be the main source of information.

The state-dependent lattice is based on two pairs of counter-propagation laser beams at a wavelength of 866nm. The state (6S1/2, F=4, mf=4) couples only to left circular light whereas the state (6S1/2, F=3, mf=3) is sensitive to the right hand circularity. Using acousto optic modulators for each polarizations we are able to change the phase and intensity of the each trapping potential independently. Thereby, we are able to shift atoms depending on their internal state.

The objective has is designed to have a high spatial resolution and to enable the detection of single occupied lattice sites. It is placed inside a in-house-made dodecagonal vacuum glass cell. An additional far detuned dipole trap will be retro-reflected at the first surface of the objective to achieve a tighter confinement along the optical axis.