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Quantum technologies

Dieter Meschede's research group
Home Single atoms in BEC

Single atoms immersed in BEC

The experiment has been recently moved to the new research group of Prof. Artur Widera in the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern.
Artist's view of the experimental setup: In an ultra-high vacuum glass cell a single Cesium atom (red) is cooled and trapped by laser beams and immersed into an ultracold Rubidium cloud (blue).

This experiment aims at the investigation and control of quantum systems comprised of single atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates. Single Cesium atoms are immersed into an ultracold Rubidium gas to study their interactions. For this the plan is:

  • to cool single atoms via contact with a quantum gas, relevant for appications in quantum information processing
  • to control local as well as collective properties of a quantum gas via single atoms, relevant for simulations of quantum dynamics
  • to create and control single impurities in a quantum gas, relevant for simulations of polaron-like quasi-particles known from solid state physics.