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Dieter Meschedes Forschungsgruppe
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Overview: Fiber cavities

  Fig. 1: Artist's impression of a fiber cavity.

Miniature cavities fabricated directly from optical fibers are a new tool for experiments in cavity Quantum Electrodynamics experiments. They are portable, robust and integrable devices for efficient light-atom interface. The interconversion of quantum information between light and matter using them makes fiber cavity a candidate for quantum memory in a quantum repeater node. Under "Research topics" find more information about our fiber mirror manufacturing and characterization setup and on our experiment on an atomic ensemble quantum memory which plans to use a fiber cavity.

Fig. 2: Size comparison: Conventional cavity mirrors (bottom, 1 mm mirror diameter, 23 µm mode waist) and fiber cavity (top, 125 µm diameter, 5 µm mode waist).


Open master thesis projects (2019):
Fabrication of mode matched fiber Fabry-Perot cavities
Improved fiber shooting for miniaturized mirror production


For Ph.D. or Master's thesis in the fiber cavity experiments, download the flyer here.

(Posted on 21.07.2017)