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Quantum technologies

Dieter Meschede's research group
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Physics 652 seminars

Seminar on Quantum Simulators

Summary of this course

Almost 30 years ago, Richard Feynman put forward the idea of a quantum simulator: one quantum system is used to simulate the properties of another, more complex quantum systems. Ideally such a task can be accomplished by a universal quantum computer. But as quantum computers are not yet available, one uses instead tailor-made model systems, for example, ultracold atoms manipulated using the tools of quantum optics.

In this joint theoretical and experimental seminar we discuss important theoretical concepts underlying quantum simulators and study some of the most recent experimental realizations. For example, we will investigate how some of the most spectacular phenomena of solid state physics, like superconductivity or metal insulator transitions can be simulated by ultracold atoms captured in a lattice made of light.

Click here to visit the webpage in Köln by Prof. Achim Rosch.

Information on this course

Professors/Assistants: Professor Dieter Meschede (UniBONN),
Professor Achim Rosch (UniKOL) 
Time: Every Monday (16-18); starting c.t. See also the calendar.
Kick-off meeting on 04 April 2011.
Room: Bonn: Hörsaal Institut für Angewandte Physik
Language: The seminars are held in English language.
Exception: all participants speak German well.
Qualification: For students at master's level and beyond
Registration: OPEN - click here to register yourself
Credit points (LPs): 4 cps
Requirements: presentation and short summary
Prüfungsordnung: M.Sc. Physik Eintrag Nr. 20 v. 13.09.2006 (Bonn)
Office hours: Thursdays, after the lecture, Zi. 308, Inst. für Angewandte Physik (IAP) (D.Meschede), and also by appointment
  • Mott insulator transitions
  • Josephson devices
  • Vorteces
  • Magnetism
  • Quantum walks
  • Disorder and localization
  • Optical lattices
  • Generating matter waves




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